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Clay Pigeon Pit Bike Series Rules and Regulations - 2020

Issue Two - 20/12/18 (Changes and clarifications from our 2018 issue one regulations are highlighted in Blue text)


Please read the following and ensure that your bike meets the laid down requirements and that you fully understand each and ever part of the regualations. Condition of entry is that you fully understand the regulations and agree to adhere not only to the regulations, but also to the spirit of the regulations.

Please be aware that these regulations may be ammended at any time and it is the competitors responsability to ensure that their bike and equipment meets the latest issue of the regulations and that they are up to date with all aspects of the regulations before competiting at any race event or practice session.


Rider Eligability

Open to riders over the age of 16 years who can demonstarte that they can effectively ride a motorcycle on a circuit with others in close proximity and understand that they are entering into a race series for riders of mixed abilities with the emphasis being "safety for all"

All riders must register with the series before they can enter any race event or take part in any practice/test day at the Clay Pigeon Raceway.


General Classification of Machinery 

All Bikes must comply with the following Pit Bike Series specification to race or take part in any practice/test day, unless stated otherwise.


Bike Classification

Any standard pit bike with a steel main frame (not Aluminium) with a maximum seat height of 84cm fitted with a YX140cc engine. All Bikes must have a single tubular handle bar mounted on the top of the top fork yolk, so no clip on fork mounted types. All bikes must also be free of all fairings with  the front number plate mounted on the forks/yolks which must move with the steering, so no full or head stock fairings. The championship is for Super Moto style pit bikes and not Moto GP style bikes.


Engine – YX 140 with No internal tuning permitted what so ever.  Standard ancillaries unless otherwise stated. How it comes in the box is how it should be presented and raced. Original engine serial numbers and markings must be present and cannot be removed.

Fly Wheel - Open, you may use a light weight flywheel if not already fitted as standard.

Ignition - No race ingitions, No ignitions with variable timing, No programable ignition, Only standard fixed timing ignition is permitted.

Cam – Z40 race cam and stronger valve springs are permitted, but not variable cam timing systems.

Carburetor - Any round slide carburetor with a bore size up to a maximum of 26mm, No Flat Slides or D Slides permitted.

Exhaust – The Only permitted Exhaust/Silencer end cans permitted are:

 Standard C90 type

 Stomp Stealth - With insert noise reduction tip/baffle in place

 Demon Stealth - With insert noise reduction tip/baffle in place

 Hustle DB killer - With insert noise reduction tip/baffle in place

 Parker Racing Pro-Core T1 - with fitted noise reduction insert/baffle in place

Silencers must be used as manufactured and not be altered in any way and that includes the baffle insert. Single exhaust only, No twin systems. (This rule is due to imposed noise restrictions at Clay Pigeon Raceway and without this type of silencer we cannot run) All bikes must be fitted with the above silencer end can/Muffler before going on track, these silencers retail for around £40 and are available to purchase at the circuit and fit straight onto a standard 38mm bore exhaust.

Alternative exhaust systems, noise reducing end cans/mufflers/silencers will be tested during the seaon and if we are happy they comply with our permitted       noise levels they will be added to the permitted list above.

Kill Switch - An engine cut out / kill switch must be fitted and be in full working order at all times and mounted on the left hand side handle bar.

Catch Tanks - Must be fitted on all overflows and breather pipes including all carb and crankcase breathers, even if you have a catch tray fitted.

Catch Trays - Catch trays will be compulsory and are only intended as a safe guard to catch engine parts and oil in the event of a major engine faliure/blow up.

Sump Plug - Must be lock wired in place.

Wheels & Tyres

Wheel Size - 12" both front and rear, width is open.

Tyres Dry – OPEN, but must be 12" diameter rim size.

Tyres Wet – OPEN, but must be 12" diameter rim size.

Tyre Warmers - NOT PERMITTED at Present so competitors will have two sighting laps for each race so that competitors are not starting on cold tyres. please note that this rule is currently under review.

Chassis /Frame Parts

Brakes and brake pads - Open - Front brake must be hand lever opperated, rear brakecan be a foot opperated pedal or a hand opperated lever, both must work effectivley with minimal effort from the rider.

Forks - Open

Rear Shock - Open

Bars – Open, but must be one peice and top yolk mounted, No clip on style bars permitted. Bar ends must be fitted with crash bobbins or be covered with nylon to prevent any metal coming into contact with the track surface in the event of an accident.

Crash Bobbins - Must be fitted to both front and rear axle or be fitted to the forks and swing arm so to prevent the axles from coming into contact with the track surface in the event of an accident. Foot pegs and bar ends must also be protected by nylon to prevent any metal coming into contact with the track surface in the event of an accident.

Hand/lever Guards - Must be fitted and be full wrap around style with no open front section and each guard must be attached in two places, one being the bars ends, they must also have plastic/nylon protection on their external surface area so that no metal part can come into contact with the track surface in the event of an accident, which includes the bar ends.

Race Numbers and Number boards/plates - All bikes must display the allocated race number on the front number board/plate and both side panels so that they can be easliy read by the race officials. Each race number must be 75mm (3") minimum height and be of a clear form having a contrasting colour to the background it is attatched, so no dark numbers on dark backgrounds or script style numbers please.


On Board Cameras

The use of on board Cameras (GoPro Type) is permitted, but they must be securely attached to the bike and not to your person or Crash helmet.



Helmet - A Snell or ACU grade crash helmet. Visors/goggles must be in good condition and must be down/worn at all times whilst on the circuit. No Cameras to be attached.

Boots - Proper Motorcycle Boots.

Gloves -  Leather Motorcycle Gloves covering the wrist, Not Motocross Type.

Leathers - Motorcycle leathers in 1 or 2 piece form if securley zipped together

Back Protector - The use of a back protector is also advisory.



Open      - All riders are entered into the overall open results.

Masters  - (Veterans & Heavy Combined) - Riders who weigh in at over 100kg in full race kit and/or are over 40 years of age will be entered into the Masters results.

Rookie    - Aimed at riders competing in their 1st season of pit bike racing who have competed in other forms of motorcycle circuit racing or sprinting.

Novice    - Aimed at riders who have not raced any form of motorcycle, including Mini Moto, Supermoto or any form of full size circuit motorcycle racing or sprinting.


Note - If you wish to compete in any class other than Open, you need to inform the series co-ordinator if not already done so on your registration.


Age Restriction

All competitors must be a mimimum of 16 years and if under 18 years they must have their entry contersigned by a parent or guardian. This age limit is in place due to the circuits insurance with regards maximum engine capacity sizes for certain age groups and the age mix of competitors within a single race.

We can however permit under 16 year olds to practice, but their is a criteria they need to meet which is sorted on an individual case by case basis. If you are the parent or guardian of a rider aged 14 or 15 who would like to Practice at the Clay Pigeon Raceway, please get in touch with the series Co-Ordinator.


Race Formats

Open Practice/Warm up

Timed Qualification session(s)

Heat (s)

Pre Final (s)

Final (s)


All riders will take part in at least One Practice/Warm Up session, One timed qualification session, One Heat, a Pre Final and a Final.

Best Lap time acheived during timed qualification will determine the grid poisition for the Heat, the race results from the Heat will determine the grid positions for the Pre-Final and the race results from the Pre-Final will determine the grid position for the Final.

The running/grid order will be split into groups after timed qualification based on best lap time acheived, the faster riders will go into group A and the rest into group B and if entries are over 48 riders then we will have a Group C and an additional group for every additional 20 riders.

Riders have the chance to progress up a group by being placed in first or second in their group Heat or Pre-Final.

Note: The split groups are simply a way of reducing the number of riders in any race and that the lap times/speed of riders in each race/group are simular which reduces the number of lapped riders and the associated issues this causes in the late stages of a race. But it should not be viewed as a seperate championship or race as it is simply one championship race split into two (or even three) halfs with the faster riders in group A and the remaining riders in Group B (or even B and C)  the first placed rider in the B Final will be awarded the same points as if being the last placed finisher in the A Final, so its just a split race not a seperate championship final.


Championship/Series Rounds

All championship rounds will be held at the Clay Pigeon Raceway, with all planned fixtures scheduled as Saturday race events. The format for the 2019 series championship will be a 8 round (Best 7 scores from 8 to count) championship season from March to November inclusive with a 3 round winter series from December to February inclusive.


Practice at Clay Pigeon Raceway

There will be scheduled Friday Practice/test days prior to each championship race fixture, plus additional Saturdays during the month, please check our fixtures page for details. Please note that all riders need to be registered with the series, even for practice/test days as we need to have confirmation of their age, they understand the flags and circuit safety and that they agree to abide by the regulations. Only 140cc pit bikes that comply to our series regulations are permitted to practice at Clay Pigeon Raceway.


Event Procedure:

Signing on

All riders must sign on prior to the start of practice before they can compete in the meeting. Any rider under the age of 18 years must be counter signed by a parent or guardian.


All bikes must be presented in a race ready state. All competitors must also produce all race clothing (kit) for inspection.

Riders briefing

All competitors must attend the competitors briefing.

Race procedure

All Competitors must be on the dummy grid in good time for their race.

Late arrivals to the grid will have to start at the back.

No persons may go onto the track without the permission of the clerk of the course.

All races will start with green light and end with a chequered flag.

If a race is Red Flaged/Stopped the rider who has caused the stoppage will not be allowed to restart the race. The clerk of the course may overide this rule and allow the competitor/s to join the restart, but they may be instructed to join the restart at the back of the grid.

A restart may be called if less than 2/3rds of the race has been run.

If the result is called then the finishing positions will go back to the last complete lap. Those competitors invloved in the Red Flag incident may be excluded from the results and be deemed non finishers.

To be deemed a finisher a competitor must cross the finish line with his/her bike and within two minutes of the race winner and may not short cut the circuit to acheive this time. The bike must be ridden across the finish line under its own power.

At the end of the race, riders must proceed to the parc ferme. No rider can leave parc ferme unless instructed to do so by an official.

All competitors will have a minimum of either One qualifying session, One heat, One Pre-Final and One final.

The results from the 'A' Final only will determine the order of awards and not points scored form a combined count of Pre Final and Final positions.

Race entries must be paid in full before the start of the meeting. Late entries may be accepted but may be placed at the back of the grid for the first heat irrespective of qualification time acheived. Late entries may also incur a surcharge.

Start Procedure

1) The official at the front of the dummy grid will indicate each row in turn to proceed on the warm up laps. The warm up laps will commence row by row to avoid congestion. When the last riders have cleared the pit lane exit, any riders waiting there will be allowed to join the warm up lap(s) under the instruction of the pit lane marshal only. Any rider joining the warm up lap late must start from the rear of the grid.

2) Ten seconds later the pit lane exit will be closed and any further qualified riders may be allowed to start the race from pit lane under the instructions of the officials.

3) Any rider considered to be deliberately delaying the completion of the warm up lap(s) will be directed to the rear of the grid.

4) Any rider who encounters a problem with his/her machine must either return to the pit lane to the pits via the park ferme entrance and make repairs, or retire at a safe location and follow the instructions of the Marshals. Such riders may be allowed to start the race from pit lane under the Instructions of the officials.

5) Completion of the warm up lap(s) is compulsory. Riders not completing the warm up lap(s) may not be allowed to start from pit lane or the rear of the grid.

6) Should there be a problem on the grid that might prejudice the safety of the start then the official in charge of the start may display a yellow flag or yellow flashing light. ‘Start Delayed’. When the problem is removed and the circuit is clear, the procedure will recommence with another warm up lap and the race distance may be reduced by one lap. Any driver deemed responsible for the delay may be directed to the back of the grid or to the pit lane on the instructions of the Clerk of the course.


Track Limits

The track limit is the solid white line on either side on the tarmac track/circuit. Competitors should ride within the track limit but are permitted to use the red and white painted curbs as run off, but must not go beyond them, if a riders wheels go beyond the track limit line and or the painted curbs at the entrance or exit of turns then he or she could be excluded form the results or be given a time or position penalty depending on the frequency of occurance. 



All practice timesheets, grids and result sheets are deemed provisional until all machines are released by the Technical Officials after post practice / race controls and / or after completion of any judicial or technical procedures and or varification by the Series Co Ordinator


Championship Points

Championship points will be  awarded for results in all Pre Finals and Finals.

Group A Pre Final points are: 1st - 25 points, 2nd -  23 Points, 3rd - 21 points, 4th - 20 points and so on down to 1 point for 23rd with all remaining finishers also being awarded 1 point.

Group A Final points will be 1st - 50 Points, 2nd - 48 Points, 3rd - 46 Points, 4th - 45 Points and so on down to 1 point for 47th with all remaining finishers also being awarded 1 point.

Points are awarded for the B and C Pre finals and Finals based on race finish order, that is to say if we have 15 finishers in the A final, the winner of the B Final will receiver 16th place points for being the 16th best placed finisher and so on down the finishing order, so all riders in all groups will earn championship points in both the Pre Finals and Finals.

No points will be awarded for DNF's in a Pre Final or Final. To be deemed a finisher your bike must go over the finish line within two minutes of the winner and under its own power and not pushed.

Each Riders worst meeting will be dropped, leaving the best 7 rounds from 8 to count for the championship series and a riders best 2 from 3 for the winter series. If a rider is disqualfied from a result, then he or she cannot use that event as the dropped score.


Flag signals

All must be complied with at all times, it is the riders responsibility to ensure they know the meaning of all flag signals.

Yellow flag held stationary. – Caution, incident ahead, no overtaking.

Yellow flag waved – Caution, incident ahead which may involve a rider and or riders machine on the track, slow down, no overtaking.

Red flag – Stop racing and continue at dead slow speed until directed by a marshal.

Green flag – incident clear, resume racing.

Blue flag – Faster rider approaching, hold racing line and be aware that their is a faster rider approaching.

Black flag with orange spot – Your bike has a mechanical problem, stop racing and return to the pits keeping out of the way of those still racing.

Black flag – Rider disqualified, return to pits and report to the clerk of the course.

Chequered flag – end of race, return to the pits.

All flag signals must be obeyed at all times, if a rider ignors a flag signal he/she will be excluded from that race and may be excluded from the meeting.


Paddock Rules

No race bikes or any style of motorised (even electric powered) transport may be ridden in the paddock area. Bikes must be pushed to and from the dummy grid anm that means wlked along side and not free wheeled, No rider or person should be mounted at any time whilst making their way through the pits. Any Rider found riding in the pit area will be excluded from the event and may be excluded from taking part in any future pit bike meetings at Clay Pigeon Raceway. We need this rule in place as we have narrow walkways and young children in the pits and we need to ensure that we do not have an incident which could have been avoided.


Engine running in the pits

Engines may be run in the pits, but please keep this to a inimum and please do not use excessive revs. At no point should a bike be ridden in the pits or on any service road/track. Bikes can only be ridden on the circuit and during your alloted time.


Protests and Challenges

A Rider may protest any one from the same class in which he/she is entered or may challenge the legality of another competitor’s equipment. This must be in the form of a written document which has to be accompanied by a fee of £50. If the protest point is founded, then the £50 will be refunded, if unfounded then the fee will go into a kitty to pay for scrutineering tools and measuring equipment.

A rider has 30 minutes after the race results have been posted to make a protest or lodge a challenge and this protest must be presented to the race secretary. The decision of the officials is final.



It is a condition that all riders must run meeting or championship sponsors livery on their bikes and on their persons at appropriate times.


Registration and Entry Fees

Registration for the championshp series is £30 and £10 for the winter series. Although at present the registration fee for the 2018 series are being covered by the series sponsor.

Entries for each round is currently £40 and an online entry must be submitted by Noon on wednesday prior to the meeting in question, although no money is taken at this point as you pay on the day at the circuit. Any entry received after this date will be deemed a late entry and may incur an extra £5 late entry charge. There may also be a grid penalty depending on the proximity of the meeting concerned.



Trophies will be awarded on the day at each championship round to the top 25% of the race entry, so at the ratio of 1 in 4 for the main event 'A' final.

Championship series awards will be presented to the Top 10 riders who have competed in a minimum of 6 championship rounds.

There will also be additional awards for the first placed Masters rider, the first placed Rookie of the year, the first placed Novice and an award for the most improved rider of the year.

The Kim Newman Memorial trophy will also be awarded at the end of season.



If a rider is deemed to have ignored the set regulations or has been riding in a manner deemed dangerous by the clerk of the course, the clerk has the right to decide an appropriate punishment. A Punishment can be anything from being given a time penality or docked position to exclusion from the meeting.

If a rider is excluded from a race or event, that event has to be one of the riders championship counting scores and cannot be used as a drop score.

If a rider is excluded form more than two race results in a 12 month period that rider will be barred from entering the following race event.


Penalties that will be issued using the following guidelines but may be adjusted at the discretion of the clerk of the course.


Rider and technical infringements.

a. If a Rider makes contact with another Rider, causing that Rider to lose position, he/she will be placed behind that Rider in the results.

b. If a Rider makes contact with another Rider and causes the driver to D.N.F. he/she will be excluded from the race.

c. If a Rider is deemed to have deliberately caused contact which has resulted in another Rider to DNF, he/she may be excluded from the meeting.

d. If a Rider overtakes on a yellow flag, he/she will be given a time penality or will be excluded from that race.

e. If a rider ignores a blag flag or a black and orange mechanical flag, he/she will be excluded from the meeting and barred from entering the following race event.

f. If a rider is found to be using equipment not specified in the rules to gain an advantage over other riders he/she will be excluded from the meeting.

g. If a rider or a riders parent or guardian uses verbal or physical abuse against any other rider or official of the meeting, they will be excluded from the meeting and further penalty may be applied if deemed appropriate by the officials.

h. If any rider or riders parent, guardian or helper/mechanic is found to have written, posted or reported any offensive or abusive language on any form of social media, TV or Press, they may be barred from taking part in any future race events or practice sessions that form part of the Clay Pigeon Pit Bike Series.

i. If any rider or riders parent, guardian or helper/mechanic is found to have written, posted or reported any material that could bring the series into disripute may be barred from taking part in any future race events or practice sessions that form part of the Clay Pigeon Pit Bike Series.


Any decision made by the Clerk of the course, any official of the race meeting or the Series Co Ordinator is final.