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History of the Series


The Clay Pigeon Pit Bike series was brought to life in 2007 when Dynomite Motorcycles approached the Lovell family who opperated Matchams Karting Ltd with the idea of running a mini bike race series at the Matchams kart circuit. After a bit of planning and some carefull consideration with regard the regulations in order to keep cost as low as possible and create a fair and even playing field for all, a mini bike race series was launched, the Matchams Pit Bike Series (due to its location)


From the start, the group decided to go with Stock 140cc pit bikes with tight control over modifications and upgrades, which proved to be a great success as it is almost indentical to the latest  set of regulations for the British Championships Stock 140cc class, the largest and most popular class in the UK, this has allowed our series front end competitors to race at the British Championships with nothing more than a change of exhaust end can silencer. The series has gone from strength to strength since 2007 with full grids and riders of all age groups enjoying a good days racing and all without breaking the bank. A few of our front end series competitors have  progressed to compete at British Championship level, which hit a high in 2016 when Jim Lovell claimed the 160cc British Championship crown on his Stock 140cc spec bike he raced at Matchams and at Clay Pigeon in late 2016.


During 2016 the Lovell family made a commercial decision to move their corporate karting business to a brand new purpose built corporate karting track near to Bournemouth airport away from their now very tired Matchams circuit,  which did leave the series without a home, so the Co-Ordinator George Lovell approached the Rennison family who opperate the Clay Pigeon Raceway to see if they could move in with the Pit Bike Series. After a bit of negotiation a test event  was run in late 2016, which lead to a number of race events during early 2017, a small summer series and autumn series in  2017 with a winter series scheduled for late 2017 early 2018, along with a full championship race series for 2018 with monthly race fixtures and practice days prior to each championship round, which has now grown with grids in excess of 50 riders during 2019.


The series is now promoted and controlled by the managment team of the Clay Pigeon Raceway, with technical rules and race format structured by the riders, for the riders. So all in all, the future is bright and we look forward to another great seasons racing and hope that one or two of our series competitors can follow in the footsteps of Jim and win a British Championship Title or two, but not before they  enjoy some close racing against a friendly bunch of riders at the Clay Pigeon Pit Bike Series.